MODWAL recently supplied Sliding Folding Partition project @ Coimbatore for a client named Craftsman Automation awarded through Your Vision Architects.

The client wanted Sliding Folding Partition to divide the hall into three by means of flexible partition wall. MODWAL suggested medium acoustic 80mm thick; 45dB sound rating without the use of mike will take place. The system had Top & Bottom retractable panel.

The panel finish proposed by client was Merino Walnut Bronze with writing board from 900mm to 1200mm on the centre panel of the Movable Wall (both sides). The project was supplied and installed on time.

The client was happy with the craftsmanship of the product and the services offered by MODWAL.

Please find few Pictures & Videos of this project.

You may contact MODWAL @ 9962078637 / 9176623467 / 9884593276 for any space dividing solution using Movable Walls.





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