MODWAL was awarded for supply and installation for two numbers of Movable Wall for Matrix Care India Private Limited @ Chennai.

The objective for using Movable Partition was to divide a large conferencing facility into two so that three independent solutions can be held simultaneously or as per customer requirement using Movable Wall offering maximum efficiency in floor space area with a help of MODWAL Movable Wall.

The system used 80mm thickness, 40dB sound rating panels with scissor winding lock mechanism and a range of grey meroon and green laminate pattern as shown in the picture. The system followed here was standard exposed aluminium trims with centre stacking parking for ease of use.

Please find attached Project picture for your reference.

You are welcome to contact MODWAL @ 9962078637 / 9176623467 / 9884593276 if you are looking for Movable Partition for your office fit out projects.

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