MODWAL Supplied Movable Partitions for Fujita Engineering India Pvt Ltd @ Tada during the year 2018. Fujita Engineering is one of the premier Japanese Conglomerate having a Manufacturing factory at Tada, Specializing in Auto parts.

MODWAL was approached for Movable Walls installation requirements and was consultant to offer the space solutions.

The objective for utilizing Movable Walls is to divide the meeting room into two partitions so that independent meetings can be conducted and also meetings can be done simultaneously without the need of getting disturbed.

MODWAL Suggested and recommended 80mm Thickness, 40dB Sound Rating, Laminate finish with Top and Bottom retractable seals. The client was requested for a Full Height Door so that access can be possible to the other side when the partition is built.

The system utilized Center Stacking parking arrangements and a small “Y” Type structure was utilized to suspect the track “L” Angle from False Ceiling.

Please find attached few pictures on above project.

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