MODWAL is proud to inform that it had installed three partitions for Apostolic Christian Assembly Church, Purasawalkam Chennai. The project was designed by freelancer Shiney Beulah contacted MODWAL for dividing the church area into two equal parts so that multiple venues can be conducted during church sessions.

MODWAL proposed one big partition spanning 17 meters and two small partitions in between pillars of the main wall so that the hall can be divided into two. A small fabrication work was done at the RCC slab for suspending the track. The system utilised MODWAL guideless medium duty track and four wheel rollers for smooth movement of panels. The panels where of exposed trims. The system also used a jack type scissor winding lock mechanism on individual panels.

With the use of Movable Partition the client is now able to divide the hall as and when required thus resulting effective usage of floor area and cost savings.

Project High Lights:

  • Client – Apostolic Christian Assembly – Purasawalkam, Chennai
  • Architect –  Shinley Beulah (Freelancer)
  • Application – Function Hall
  • Panel Finish –  Laminate & Foam Back Fabric
  • Panel Height – 3400mm
  • Panel Stacking layout – Center Stacking

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